Build a Patio

Build Patio To build or not to build a patio. That is the question. We know patio covers help to cool down the home, they provide shelter during the rainy days and allow you to enjoy the nice summer days with some extra shade. You may think it seems like an easy project, but is it really?

First off, chances are you will need to acquire city permits. Typically you must draw out a plan to show the city with the correct dimensions and information before you’re granted a permit. You may decide to hire an expediter, but their fees are around $300 or more.

Patios need to be built precisely according to code in order to be considered legal. If you’re planning on selling the home in the future the next homeowners will want to be certain the patio cover was built to code.

If you have little to no experience with construction you may find the task more difficult than you’d like. It does take a certain skill to be able to build correctly. If you have some experience with construction under your belt you will have an easier time.

We’ve been contractors for over 15 years so our experience allows us to properly build patio covers according to code. Beginners may not want to dabble.


About remodelingexperts

We've been doing home remodels since 1997. We specialize in garage conversions, bathroom and kitchen remodels, patios, and more! Anything you need done to your home we can do it right!
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